Sunday morning news

Well now what do we have here/It appears a piece of me has some motivation…

Yep, I do have a little motivation to write here this morning. It’s been a while since I’ve written an actual post, but I figured I should start back up. Let’s roll…

Summer OR :: My first time back to Utah since 2009. Nothing much has changed…oh wait, EVERYTHING has changed. I’m (back) with Mad Rock, speed climbing is harder than I remember, and Salt Lake still sucks. The climbing doesn’t suck, but the city itself isn’t my favorite.

Climbing :: What to say? I sent Warp Factor (5.13a), I’ve done a lot of my projects and found new ones that keep me motivated. Though climbing has made me sore and slightly hurt, I’m still excited/psyched/stoked (whatever you want to say) about it. Rest has been welcomed and allows me to regenerate the excitement for rocks. 

Work :: Route setting has gotten much better and I’m enjoying it more than ever. Though a lot of us have small injuries, we still can get it done. 5 days a week is hard on your body, but we try to do our best and give people fresh routes and problems at Touchstone Climbing.

And that is the update for the summer. I will be more active here since I deleted my other blog.